2nd day:

the check dive in the Ras Disha , 2nd and night dives in the Tobia Arbaa

3rd day:

Panorama reef – 1st dive, 2nd dive – Middle Reef, 3rd and night dives in the Abu Kafan. After night dive– night passage to the Brothers Isl.

4th day:

Big Brother + 2 ships, 1st dive on ship Aida Wreck , 2nd dive – on ship Numidia Wreck , 3rd dive – the East of Big Brother.

5th day:

transition to the Small Brother, 1st dive in the Numidia Wreck, 2nd dive in the West of Small Brother, 3rd dive in the South of Small Brother

6th day:

1st dive in the East of Small Brother, 2nd dive in the North of Small Brother, then transition to Safaga towards the Abu Dabbab, there are 3rd and night dives (it is big territory)

7th day:

Elphinstone Reef – 2 dives and go to the Marsa Galib port

8th day:

a transfer from the yacht to the airport