Мahmoud was born in Cairo in September, 20, 1975. Love to sea and sea inhabitants has led him to be professional in diving. Mahmoud started dive in 2003. For this time he has made more than 3000 dives on the Red sea. Now Mahmoud skilled guide, diver CMAS of 3 stars. With him even novice at diving feels confidently. As his friend Rashad, he has started his underwater career in divecenter Virgin diving, then he has worked in Polish divecenter Adventure. Mahmoud speaks in English.


Rashad was born in November, 19, 1974 in Cairo. In 1997 Rashad started to engaged in diving on the international system of training CMAS (the World confederation of underwater activity) and very quickly became professional guide on the Red sea. For ten years of job Rashad has made more than 5000 dives. He dived in the majority of places of immersings on the Red sea in Egypt. Having started to work in dive center Virgin diving, Rashad has continued the career on a safari vessels. He has worked longly on the vessel Valerie. Now Rashad works on the vessel GELEN . Being immersed together with him, you can be sure of your safety and comfort.