We invite you to an unforgettable trip on our yacht on the islands of the Red Sea and kitesurfing from morning till night in a strong, gentle wind under a high southern sky along fabulously beautiful lagoons!

Kite is good because it does not take long to prepare and train – if you’ve never ridden it before, it will not hurt to get as much pleasure from kite surfing as if you were an experienced surfer.

In addition, the rest on a yacht in the sea, near the cleanest beach, in the absence of waves and crowds of holidaymakers, but in the company of cheerful, enthusiastic people, has a healing effect on the body)

Here the wind blows exactly almost all the time, calm shallow water, silence and a pleasant atmosphere are all conditions for quick learning and full happiness. There is no pitching – the yacht anchors in the lagoon from the leeward side of the island, the transitions do not take much time.

Our highly qualified and instructors will help to deliver or greatly improve your skiing technique.

If you get a day without wind, you can ride the SUP and wake, scuba dive at the nearest coral island.

  • Тhe effective training program for beginners
  • Different islands with very good conditions for skiing and learning
  • Free and calm water
  • At the request of experienced surfers – individual routes, skiing on deeper water in the open sea
  • In the evening, the sea, the stars, a warm breeze and a pleasant company.

We do everything to make you want to come back again and again!