2nd day:

the check dive in the Ras Disha , 2nd and night dives in the Tobia Arbaa

3rd day:

in the morning 2 dives in the Panorama reef , then move to Middle Reef where is possible to make 3rd and night dives

4th day:

Saab Shear (Abu Kafan) 1st dive in the North of a reef, 2nd – in the South-East part of a reef, then we move to the Hyndman Reef where is made 3rd dive in the Western part of a reef, and night in the Southern part of a reef

5th day:

in the morning 1st dive in the Salem Express wreck , 2nd and 3rd dives in the West side of the Hyndman Reef and Wreck, night dive only on reef.

6th day:

morning passage to the Ras Abu Soma, 1st dive – Northern part of a reef, further we move to the Abu Hashish – 2nd dive, than move to Gota – Abu Rimathi there will be 3rd and night dives.

7th day:

North of Abu Rimathi – 1st dive, El Ruck – 2nd dive. Further you return to Hurghada.

8th day:

a transfer from the yacht to the airport