The Red Sea has long been a mecca of divers from all over the world – amazing coral reefs, unique marine fauna of this region do not leave anyone indifferent, who at least once tried to dive into the water with scuba. Diving safaris on our yachts Gelen and Scorpion is the best way to enjoy diving on the Red Sea.

Only on a safari you can dive with almost no restrictions, make night dives, see the most beautiful and protected reefs that are inaccessible from Dali-bots. For your safety, we strictly adhere to international safety standards during diving. After arriving at the yacht, we will ask you to fill out the standard forms on understanding the degree of risk and exemption and medical statement. Check your diving certificates and ask them to show your logs. All divers must necessarily have diving health insurance. If you do not have insurance, contact representatives of Gelen-Diving LLC for its registration in Moscow. According to the rules of diving in Egypt, amateur diving deeper than 30 meters in compressed air with one cylinder is FORBIDDEN!

Single or “solo” dives are prohibited, without the availability of a certificate. The cost of safari includes diving, as a rule, we dive 4 times a day (the fourth dive night). You will be provided with 10-liter steel cylinders, 12 and 15-liter aluminum cylinders with air, aluminum cylinders Twin Set, cargo and diving services. You can order nitrox to 36%, if you have the appropriate certificate. Additional fees are paid for visiting marine parks and reserves and coral gathering.

At your request, we can provide for your dives, 10-liter steel cylinders, 12-liter and 15-liter aluminum cans, for FREE. Please notify us in advance when booking the tour.

The water temperature on the Red Sea, even in the coldest, winter period, never falls below 18 degrees. In summer, the water temperature can be above 30 degrees Celsius.

We recommend diving in a 3 mm neoprene wet suit in the period from July to September, in October, November and December, a 5 mm monocoque is enough. From the end of December to April you will be comfortable in a double 5 mm suit with a hood, or in a 7 mm wet or semi-dry suit. Underwater photographers and video operators prefer trilaminate dry suits at this time of the year, with a light pendant made of tinsulite or polartek. We recommend always using a hood or a light helmet to protect your ears from the wind. The wind always blows on the surface and this can lead to a catarrhal disease of the ears, which can make your diving impossible.

For beginners, a dive safari on our yachts can become an excellent scuba diving school, experienced instructors will conduct training and make sure that the dive is safe, and the impressions of the diving safari in the Red Sea are extremely pleasant.

The Rules of the Red Sea Association (Association of the Red Sea)

All safari-boats of the Red Sea and charter boats are required to provide:

  • for safaris outside the reserves: one guide for every 12 guests;
  • availability of all guides with a valid professional identification card issued in accordance with the rules of the Association of the Red Sea;
  • The presence of all marker buoy guides, a reflecting mirror, a strobe and a flashlight.

Guests taking part in such a holiday should:

  • If the safari takes place in the marine reserves of Brothers, Zabargad, Daedalus and Rocky Island, the diver must confirm at least 50 registered dives;
  • have a marker buoy, and also at least one lantern for two divers, even during daytime dives;
  • sign a medical declaration of diving suitability;
  • sign a medical declaration of diving suitability;
  • Do not dive deeper than 30 meters.