New Year’s diving safari on the our yachts – the opportunity to meet the New Year away from the cold, traffic jams, queues in stores! Spend time with a taste in the company of a fabulous underwater world on this week! You are waited by warm Red sea and incendiary New Year’s party! The 31st December to raise a glass of champagne with a view of the beautiful sunset, and in the morning of 1st January to dive with scuba diving – what could be better
The Egypt Government introduced from 1st January 2020 new fees and charges for all ships and tourists who will arrive on ships: – in 2022 regardless of the route, each person is charged 40$ for one week
Egyptian authorities have banned the entry into the country of quadcopters for video and photography. According to the internal law on state security of the country, the import of aerodrons for aerial photography into the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt is prohibited. The ban applies to airdrones, quadrocopters and similar aircraft, which will be seized when customs officers attempt to import during inspections at airports in Egypt. The withdrawn equipment will be returned to the owners upon departure from the country.